5 Awesome Money Saving Travel Tips

5 Awesome Money Saving Travel Tips

Avail of free walking tours

A typical wanderer will likely to choose walking in foreign cities rather than hailing a cab. A great navigating app and the skill in asking friendly locals around will just be what you need. What’s great is that there are also walking tours free of charge are also available in different key cities around the world. Include in the planning a list of free walking tours you can join that fits your interest and itinerary. If you want to go on a DIY walking trip, check out free museums, state parks, and gardens you can stroll for free all by yourself. With these, you did not just save money from transportation but you also had your dose of exercise.

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Short term loans

If you don’t have much money, sometimes a loan is a good choice. Your travel budget will increase immediately, without the necessity to work or look for a deal. There are many options out there like short term loans from CashLady. While falling into debt is quite risky, borrowing money occasionally may be a lifesaver.

Eye airfares during low season

Airfares tend to go up during peak season. Forego traveling during holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and school vacations.  If you are more on the solitary travelling pace, booking a flight in off seasons lets you save money.  Moreover, wandering a place in times during low seasons lets you explore without the busy streets and crowded people. It also means prices of commodities and even souvenir items you can bring home, are not as pricey as it gets during peak season.

Travel light

As many would suggests, ditching the excess baggage fees will save you a couple of bucks. Learn to travel light and just pack the things you need for your certain trip. This also lessens the thing you need to watch out for whenever you are in a new place. Additional excess baggage means additional burden you need to carry as you go along. Also plan ahead for the compartment you will use for the things you shopped for upon returning. Better yet, skip the shopping spree and just go for little trinkets as memorabilia.

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Rental homes vs hotel rooms

Everybody knows booking a hotel room for a night, especially in a posh city or a secluded island, are expensive. While it gives all the convenience you need—from hot showers to comfortable linens—hotel rooms tend to eat most of our travel budget. But since rental homes are now available, there are more options in accommodation more than the pricey hotel stays. Rental homes also give a vast option of accommodation and features. A rental home can let you cook your own meal, have more than two persons to stay, and even lets you do the laundry all by yourself. 

Ask around

Locals are known to be friendly and accommodating. If you have local friends around, you can ask them tips only they can spill such as the cheapest hotel room to book or the budget-friendly steakhouse nearby. However, always do your research first and do not rely solely on what locals say. Asking locals should just be a confirmation of what you researched for.

Just follow these tips, plan ahead, and enjoy the trip and you should be fine on your next trip.

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