Most times before people get into a relationship, they usually consider the other person’s age while others do not care about the age difference. Although you are allowed to date whoever you want, different people have their own opinions on the appropriate dating age. Normally, a 10-year-old girl is not supposed to date a 14-year-old boy. It is generally unacceptable especially if the girl’s parents knew about it. The main problem here is the 4 year age gap between them as this is considered a huge difference. On a natural level, both their physical and mental development will be miles apart.

Their brains are largely different from

Their brains are largely different from each other which means they have different levels of thinking. Although their brains are not fully developed yet, the boy’s brain and level of thinking are much more advanced than that of the girl. There is a big difference in their emotional balance, judgment, decision making, and impulsivity. Both are at different stages of puberty with numerous needs some they might not understand and may need help making the right decisions. Since both do not have the same reasoning capacity, the girl will easily be influenced by the boy. This is true as she is still young and lacking adequate biological growth.

Age ranges matter when dating

One might say that because both are in a relationship, it could harm the girl’s emotional development at such a young age. Others might think that the relationship may be abusive like an older person taking advantage of a child. Although two of them may not feel this way, others may think that since the boy is more mentally advanced. Let’s take a look at the huge difference between them from this perspective. The girl who is 10 years old would be in elementary school while the boy in high school or almost there. Since she’s still young she might not fully understand how babies are made, but the boy would be watching PG 13 movies already.

She is trying to learn about multiplication while he knows the Periodic Table of Elements and Civil War. He is a teenager with numerous needs while she still goes to the playground, plays with dolls, and might have not started puberty. Looking at it from these perspectives you will see how the two of them are in different worlds with the boy way more mature than her. It is natural for an individual to like someone that is significantly older but, this is not the case as their relationship would be unacceptable. Further, if two of them date and he does something foolish while they are together that boy may be locked up. Dating would be a bad idea, considering everything discussed above as a teenager should not be dating a child.

Although dating would be wrong, they could be good friends as that is a great idea that is acceptable. With all that is said, the decision is left for both their parents to make as they are the ones responsible for them. This is just an opinion on this matter as it does not compare to that of the parents.