Choosing between Mexico and Peru is not easy because these two countries have great activities to offer. Bother Peru and Mexico have a rich diversity of cultures ranging from beautiful capital cities, welcoming residents, museums monuments. It’s therefore keen to look which has more activities to do so that you can select the best. Once you’re there you’ll discover that it’s hard to get bored especially if you love having fun.

Let's start with Peru, a country

Let’s start with Peru, a country located on the Western side of the Atlantic Ocean. Peru has many places to enjoy which are attractive to the eye. They include Lake Titicaca which is the highest navigable lake on the planet. It’s good to go and see this wonder. The country also has Colca Canyon which is the 2nd deepest canyon. Markets in Peru are colorful where you get to buy some items from local sellers while interacting with residents.

Better travel destination between Mexico and Peru

Amazon forest which is the biggest Tropical Rainforest is also part of Peru. Rainforests are rich in minerals, different tree species, wildlife, bird species, and the locals. Peru has Sacred Valleys where you’ll discover more about the country’s history. Others include beautiful restaurants, museums, historical sites as well as cities.

Mexico is a country on another level because of what it holds in terms of places to visit. Activities to do Mexico include hiking in Volcanic mountains which are still active. This is a rare occasion that is found here in Mexico where you go with friends to volcanoes. Partying at Cancun is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Party is part of life in various Mexico City so put on your party attire ready to dance. From here, head to swimming caves where you’ll explore rich marine life such as octopus, dolphins, and crabs.

Before leaving the country, be sure to go scuba diving in Mexico as it brings a feeling of satisfaction. Mexicans love scuba diving because you will be jumping from the highest place ever. Apart from that, Mexico has beautiful Sandy beaches where you’ll swim in the ocean and later chill out with other tourists. Sandy beaches are warm since the sunshine brightens the beach every day. When it comes to resort, Mexico has no competition as their services are on another level. Resorts are in good condition ready to accommodate visitors who stay and leave at their pleasure. Between the two countries, it’s hard to choose which is best but rather visiting both would be a wise idea.