In life, it’s only natural to come across people, some would stay, while others leave. The amount of time they spend will depend on a number of factors like, life itself, relationship, and your permission. Leaving is also normal, it can depend on personal decisions, proximity, death and so on. It’s fun to meet people, getting to know others is a healing experience that opens up different aspects of our reality. These people could be those already close to us at birth, it can be those we met as we grew in life too. Currently, it will be hard to count the number of people who’ve come alongside those who left too. But one person that has been difficult to let go is my Aunt Dorcas, she’s one of the people present at my birth, may be that’s where the bond came from.

It was on a Saturday morning,

It was on a Saturday morning, my family had just arrived in church, immediately she saw us, we rushed and greeted her. This is the normal tradition whenever all is present at an event, embracing each other with warm arms creates a wonderful feeling for us. Both families had known each other for more than 15 years, we’ve grown together, everyone feels like an extended relative. Saturday was fun as usual, we returned home after the service. When tragedy strikes, it’s usually unexpected, life is so odd that anything can happen whenever they please, and we just have to accept them.

Later that night at around 10

Later that night at around 10 pm, my mother received a call about a fire accident. The accident was reported to occur at Aunt Dorcas’s house, luckily, only one person was affected as other members of the family was absent. But unfortunately, the person was badly burnt, oh my mom wept bitterly, hoping for the best out of all this mess. That night she rushed to the hospital, only to meet a badly burnt Aunt Dorcas. The children wasn’t present, but when mother came back the next morning, we could tell that she had been crying all night. Not a word was spoken to us, sleeping was rather curious until morning, then we discovered for ourselves that Aunt Dorcas was hospitalized for 3rd degree burns.

She can never be forgotten

Being only about 12 years of age, it didn’t really make much sense to me, in my mind, considerations were that this was a minor situation that can be handled. It was easier to sum up that after a while, she’ll be out of the hospital as good as new. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, out of curiosity, my mind was made up to see her. That evening, on reaching the bed she was placed on, my heart broke a thousand times. My words will fail me to describe the level of pain she seems to be going through, the facility was not even properly equipped to handle such case. Mixed emotions of anger, sadness and great fear gripped me from my head to my feet. Remaining motionless for hours, my heart bleed constantly.

Even though we left the hospital, tears never left my eyes, my heart wondered on how terrible life is. Seeing my lovely Aunt in the morning, healthy, and the next moment she’s dying. Only two weeks later, she died, there was no sufficient way to help Aunt heal. When this happened, my dreams changed, determination came upon me to study medicine. To bring change to a system where those who need medical attention couldn’t get it. Even now, about 10 years later from that time, I’m a graduate of Pharmacy, I’d always ensure to render accurate help to those who need it.

Whenever I’d consider the course I’m studying, Aunt Dorcas would cross my mind. She never should’ve left us, but she did, even though it wasn’t her fault, we blame the system of health here in the country. I’ll never forget Aunt Dorcas for the love she’d shown me and my siblings. Whenever my mother was away, she’d come to the house, sleepover, and prepare dinner for us. She’d leave hers and focus on us, making several sacrifices that’d put us in shape whenever my family was breaking. Even though she’s no more physically, she’s still alive in my heart.