With the way things are today, human interaction has improved incredibly that there are now different ways to interact with your fellow human. Talking to an individual and asking them how they feel about you is a great way to establish a connection. But, some times we might not know exactly what someone might be thinking especially how they feel about you. And, that can be frustrating especially when you have feelings for them. This common with women as they would want to know whether a guy has feelings for them. Unless a person has the superpower to read an individual’s mind it will be difficult knowing what that person is thinking.

Fortunately, there are some expert-backed signs that will allow one to easily tell that a guy likes you. These signs will help one to know if the flirting going on between them and someone is just a fling or the real deal. Relationship experts have tested these signs so that people can tell if it is the proper time to add benefits to an existing friendship. The first sign to watch out for is if a guy tries to figure out whether you’re dating by asking personal questions. It is normal for a guy that likes a girl to do that as guys will ask subtle questions about your life so that he can find out if you’re available.

Normally, a guy that likes you

Questions like what is your family like, who do you stay with, what are your plans for the weekend are what a guy might ask. These questions will allow him to know if and how he could make his move. Second, is if a guy makes plenty of eye contact when you’re are talking. That is a confirmed way to tell that a guy likes a girl as science states that consistent eye contact is a sign that a person likes you. If a guy is romantically interested in you, he will constantly look into your eyes while you’re are with him. Third, is if that guy constantly says funny things to make you laugh.

Normally, a guy that likes you will always make jokes when he is around you which shows that guy is trying to make a good impression. That is true as humor is one of the different subtle ways people use to flirt with people that they are attracted to. Fourth, is if that guy always tries to help you out as a guy will readily try to help you out if he likes you. For a guy, that is his subtle way of showing that he is interested in you. This will normally happen when you need help moving, or might be looking for a study buddy. Next, is if he notices the tiniest change in your appearance like a new outfit.

Signs that allow you to tell that a guy likes you

If the guy picks up an insignificant change in your outfit or appearance then that guy probably likes you. It means the guy is carefully observing everything little thing about you. Another is if that guy constantly tries to look for an excuse to touch you. This is true as the way a person touches you will let you tell if they like you. If a guy gently puts his arm around you then it is his way of showing he is attracted to you. The last and most important sign to watch out for is if that guy always wants to see you every time especially during the day.

This is a great way to tell that a guy likes you because if the guy likes meeting with you when the sun is up then that guy definitely is interested. Guys that are interested will want to meet during the day and go for a drive, coffee, or a walk. Although there’s no scientific way to tell that a guy likes you, these signs will at least allow you to tell if that guy has feelings for you.