People are born differently that can be seen by the way behave. You can hardly see any two human beings with the same character even if they are twins. Across different parts of the planet, people tend to behave differently what may seem good to a person can be irritating for another. This is because people have their likes and dislikes. If you understand this principle, there won’t be any reason for conflicts around the world. Reasons why people have issues especially in a relationship is trying to make others be like them. Take, for instance, if you happen to have a friend who doesn’t like smoking, you can force that person to smoke simply because you smoke.

John Mill was a great and

John Mill was a great and intelligent student who had real difficulties growing up, as a child, he was misunderstood by his parents. From childhood, Mill started exhibiting some strange characters that were quite different from others. First, Mill was the only child who refused to take breast milk. Every other child the mother had took break milk for at least 6-months. That was not the case with John, he will rather prefer taking other stuff but, not break milk from the mother. According to some expert advice, kids who took breast milk were more brilliant than those who did not. Contrary to this, Mill was the most intelligent child all through his elementary studies to the university.

The Most Fascinating Things

Another fascinating thing about this young lad was that drinking water was a problem. It was difficult for the family and those around to understand how a person can survive without water. The young lad was indeed fascinating and somewhat strange because of the qualities that were being exhibited. Associating with others was out of the question, this was rather appalling to the young lad, you’ll find John walking alone. Some times seating under a tree and talking to himself with nobody around.

The parents thought it was a mental disorder, they invited an expert who examined him and said there was nothing wrong. Despite the strange qualities exhibited, Mill was still most brilliant among his peers. At the age of 12, John enrolled for driving training alongside people who were about four times older than him. The program was expected to last for a minimum of 3-months, by the end of the first week, the young lad expelled himself but, the most surprising thing was that he won several driving competitions after just a week of learning. Even without taking part in the driving practical training, John could still drive as though he’s got 20-years of experience.

A fascinating thing about him was the fact that Mill never slept for more than 2-hours every day. This was quite astonishing, feeding was a problem, and others ate at least 3 times daily. John ate at noon daily yet there was nothing wrong with him. At some point, the parents thought perhaps he wasn’t a normal human being, or maybe he has spiritual powers. It was a difficult thing to unravel the mysteries surrounding his birth his lifestyle was unique.