Traveling internationally is a dream that people have, either going for a vacation or job opportunity in other instances the spirit of adventure. There are different means to use, there is air travel, sea travel even traveling by road too depending on the means that make you comfortable and your journey worth it. We all have different circumstances that cause us to travel from one nation to another but the only thing that remains constant is that there are deep secrets hidden in this type of travel. After arrival that is when they unfold, some may be good while others bad.

We are going to see some of these things one will never be told about international traveling. For instance, international travel is mostly faced by racism and those who are of different skin color or culture may end up being handled carelessly. Some nations do it openly but when you research through their ambassadors, they will paint the best picture since it’s their role to do so. It’s known as preaching water while drinking wine, if you ignorantly follow their advice you will be disappointed when you get there. This does not necessarily mean that all ambassadors give false information about their nations, some are truthful and real.

Security is a secret that is

During colonialism error, slave trade was the best business to venture into since it had a profitable income. But immediately after freedom, it was prohibited in almost every nation due to violation of human rights. Most nations parishes it but shockingly, other nations still practice slave trade. For international travelers, there is no single soul with the audacity to warn against such happenings. They only encourage it and upon arrival, slavery awaits for most since all your traveling documents are taken away. For those working, your master becomes your owner, that means you’re owned by them since everything is catered for by them.

Security is a secret that is not known by everyone, reason being that the security departments are trying to prevent attacks from terrorists and other nations. It’s a technique to hide their weaknesses from their foes who may plot an invasion. Therefore, most means of travel usually have undercover agents dressed as civilians and their work is to blend in while performing their field assignments which is to note any suspicious activity taking place. Even suspicious people who travel into and out of that particular country, have every single information of the last activities performed even those they were lastly in contact with. It prevents the smuggling of drugs and illegal goods into the country.

There are certain means of transports

The availability of numerous job opportunities is crucial information that should never be leaked at any cost. Reason for this being that a nation prefers if all its residents are given the first consideration before considering other applications. May be seemed like a weak and selfish idea, in real sense all they are doing is improving their economy while raising the standards of living. Those who get employed outside their home country have luck, others are due to connections from a family friend and family member. These are the people who give go-ahead when vacancies are plentiful.

There are certain means of transports that promote their common travelers through gift hampers who make frequent international travels. By so doing, they are motivating people to utilize their means and it’s a form of advertising too on their side. This knowledge is kept private so that the organizations or those serving you may profit from it. Since promotions that are not claimed are returned and in other instances, the employees may use it. Only a few faithful means contact the customers to notify them of the promotion given to them.

Things Never Known Of International Travel

Services are included in the fare one paid to travel internationally. For instance, on a plane, the foods and drinks offered are free because they were included in the amount paid for transportation. People ignorantly reject these services offered due to the illusion that it’s an extra cost that will be added to their bill. The service providers will never inform you because it’s a profit on their side.

These are just a few of the information that you will never be told by anyone concerning international travel. You’re expected to have full knowledge of these things and not live ignorantly.