How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Thailand?

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Thailand?

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Thailand?

Whether you’re looking to spend “One Night in Bangkok” or travel to some of the country’s holiest shrines and best-kept natural treasures, planning a trip to Thailand has never been more popular. Indeed, the country has seen an explosion in tourism over the last couple decades, with more and more people discovering this too-oft overlooked Asian tourist destination. It’s not just Western tourists who are booking it to Bangkok, either – Thailand currently stands as one of the most popular travel destinations for Russians, due in no small part to its close proximity to the eastern part of that country.

Still, if you’re looking to travel to Thailand, you might find yourself asking just how much it will cost. And of course, there is the ever-popular corollary question – how can you go about keeping those costs down? This guide can help you answer those questions and do just that: book a smarter and more cost-effective trip to Thailand.

Figuring Out Airfare

First and foremost, you’re going to have to get there. Naturally, the vast majority of tourists from Russia and the West tend to fly to Thailand, so you’re going to want to figure out just how much airfare might set you back. On the one hand, this is going to be bound somewhat to chance as well as your starting point, as flying from Vladivostok is going to be quite different from flying from New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. That being said, as a rule of thumb, you’re going to want to use online airfare evaluating sites to help you choose the best flight for you from a financial standpoint. The cost will always be a few hundred dollars, but with the help of such sites, you can potentially save yourself from having to spend a couple thousand on airfare instead.

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Hotel Accommodations

Once you’ve landed in Thailand, it’s time to get a place to stay. Or is it? Ideally, you should already have a place booked and waiting for you long before your plane touches down on the tarmac. Here again, online booking sites are your friend. Not only do they often allow you to coordinate and book flights and hotel accommodations at the same time, but they often offer discounts as well. So how much might you end up paying to stay in Thailand? That’ll depend on the type of place you book. An upscale hotel can be pricey, but with a favorable exchange rate, it may be worth it. On the flip side, renting cheap hostels can help you really save costs, and can be an incredible experience, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve done your due diligence and researched the place before committing to stay there.

Transit Options

Finally, there’s the question of transit. This question is the easiest one of all to solve – take public transit. Not only is it far cheaper than renting a car, but you’ll experience more of everyday Thai life by taking the subway and walking around a bit.

So, how much does a trip to Thailand cost? You’re realistically looking at spending at least several hundred dollars, and likely a couple thousand for comfort. That said, it all depends on where you’re traveling, when, from what starting point, and what you want your trip to be like.

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