Krakow City Guide – Poland’s Best City in a Nutshell

Krakow City Guide – Poland’s Best City in a Nutshell


Krakow is best described by these five words unique, fascinating, unforgettable, historical, and foggy.

The most famous thing about our city is The Old Town (Rynek). This is the place where tourist from all over the world come. Cracow’s Old Town is beautiful and unforgetable. Check out this Krakow City Guide where you can see all the important informations about this place.

How to Get Around?

The best way to explore Krakow city is to use only public transport (buses and trams) or walk. Cracow’s best monuments are quite close to each other. Take a traditional map or use Google Maps and just… walk admiring the beauty of Polish Kings’ City.

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Where to Go?

Go to Kazimierz first because this is the most historical place in Cracow. This is where Jews lived before the WWII. You can still feel there the spirit of carefree poeple who didn’t expect that the war will start.

Then you can take a balloon flight over Vistula River.

If you want to relax, go to the Old Town and sit at one of the cafes to watch people passing by.

The best place to shop is Bonarka City Center. It has many shops, a cinema and great cafes.

A good walking tour is from the Old Town to Kazimierz. You’ll see the most important monuments along the way. Start at Adam Mickiewicz statue and go along the Grodzka street. Turn left to see Wawel Royal Castle. Then go along the Stradomska street, where Kazimierz starts.

The best museum is Wieliczka Salt Mine and is located few miles away from Cracow. It’s really incredible! Be sure to wear warm clothes because the sightseeing is underground.

Food & Drink

If you want to have breakfast, go to Nova restaurant on Kazimierz. It doesn’t matter what you’ll order- everything will is delicious!

The best local food is in Kuchnia Babci Maliny Restaurant on Slawkowska 17 street,

For a sweet treat, go to Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady and order the chocolate from their own production.

The best food truck is at Bar u Szwagra. Eat serweta or kebab. It’s very unhealthy but so good!

The best place for coffee is Costa Cafe at Rynek street. Be sure to order Frappe, it’s really delicous.

For a romantic dinner, go to Zakladka Food&Wine on Jozefinska street. Eat a salad or any delicious main course. And don’t forget to drink Polish wine.

If you want to stay fit, go to GreenWay at Mikolajska 14 street. Food is tasty, vegetarian and cheap.

For 24 hour eats, check out Zapiekanki u Endziora and order zapiekanka because this is the only meal you can get there.


The best place for a party is Coco Club. Ask for VIP room so that you can talk in silence and go dancing whenever you want.

Best festival is Juwenalia that takes place every May. It is students holiday. They are having fun, dancing and even dress up some funny clothes!

The best movie theater is Kino Kijow because it’s intimate and romantic.

If Krakow city were a song, it’d be Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield because everyday in Cracow brings something new.

Don’t drink in the public or cross the road on red light because local police is very sensitive on breaking the law.


The best place to meet someone new is at the club. There are plenty of clubs in Cracow, so there won’t be a problem to met someone interesting.

The famous pope John Paul II was born close to Krakow.

The famous author Wislawa Szymborska lived in Krakow.

If Krakow were an animal it would be peacock beacause of variety of colors it has.

Get Pampered

If you want to get pampered go to Secret Day Spa for a massage.

You can also get great mani/pedi there .


The best season to visit Krakow city is from April to October because of the weather. It will be a lot of sun and not too much rain during this time.

Off the Tourist Trail

The best park is Park Lotnikow, it’s mostly visited by locals.

For a good walk/hike, go to Kosciuszko Mound because the views are incredible from up there.

If you want peace and quiet, check out Zakrzowek lagoon.

The best road trip from Krakow city is to Lancut to see the beautiful old castle.

The best weekend escape is to Zakopane in Tatra Mountains.


The most iconic structure in Krakow city is the Old Town.

The best photo opportunities are at the Old Town and Kazimierz.

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