How to Pack a Backpack for a Trip to Europe

How to Pack a Backpack for a Trip to Europe

How to Pack a Backpack for a Trip to Europe

You do not want to be weighed down when travelling in Europe. If you visit hostels or you wish to explore some of the remote areas, you will want to carry a backpack that has been packed proficiently. This means that you need to choose specific items and clothing and make sure that your packing is condensed. In this post you will find a tips on how to pack a backpack for a trip to Europe.

You do not want to travel with lots of bags if you are exploring the European countryside. That is why you need to make sure that your backpack only carries the essentials. For example, you should wear a good pair of shoes that you can wear with various types of clothing. Usually, shoes designed for hiking or walking are best. After all, most people carrying backpacks are not going to spend time at formal events.

Include Only One or Two Pieces of Apparel

You need to also make sure that you carry an additional t-shirt, slacks, shorts, and underwear. Don’t take too much though. You can buy any clothing or accessories in Europe if needed. You can also pick up toiletries.

To pack the backpack, make sure that the items you need right away are located toward the top. Pack your toiletries in Ziploc-type bags and make sure that they are well-secured. Place these in a separate compartment from you clothing items. Otherwise, if there is any sort of spill, you will get the product all over your apparel. Make sure that each of these items are separated from one another.

When packing your backpack, place the heavier apparel such as pants toward the bottom. Next, pack your shirts or blouses. Again, you only need to pack an additional one or two pieces of clothing. You can always pick up extra clothing at a store if it is required.

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Adding Your Grooming Aids

Once you have your clothing and toiletries packed, make sure that you include your travel accessories and cosmetics, such as a toothbrush, comb, and hair brush. These should be placed in an easy-access location. You will not need to tote a hairdryer as hairdryers are usually provided in hotel rooms. You can also air dry your hair, especially in the summer. Never pack anything that will make it laborious to carry your stuff.

You should also carry a GPS device. Place this in a special pocket of your backpack. If you get lost, you will definitely need this device, especially if you are planning to explore the countryside. When it comes to you money, you need to play it safe. Do not pack your cards or cash in your backpack. If you lose the backpack or it is stolen, you will also lose your identification and money.

To make sure that your money is not easy to retrieve, make sure that you place it inside a pocket of your clothes. Never ever carry your money or ID in your backpack. Doing so can lead to a financial catastrophe. Carrying a backpack can be a joy as long as it is minimally packed with only what you need.

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