Talkspace: Text Therapy for Digital Nomads and Travellers

Talkspace: Text Therapy for Today’s Anxieties

If you think that full-time travelers and digital nomads don’t have psychological problems, you are wrong. Unfortunately, break downs and depression don’t steer clear of anyone. There is a solution for it though.

Talkspace is psychotherapy that clients can access through their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Licensed professionals provide the treatment. It is done through an app. 

To begin the process, people over the age of 18 can provide personal information to the system. This information is protected by bank-style encryption. After the company receives your initial application, advanced algorithms pair the patient with the professional. Currently there are over 500,000 people using this service. The company utilizes more than 1,000 therapists. 

This style of therapy is based off unlimited texting. A client is free to text as often as needed. The paired therapist will text back one to two times daily. The amount of correspondence between the therapist and client is dependent upon the chosen plan. It is based on a monthly subscription, which can be tiered towards therapy needs. 

A therapist works with a matched client to create and set goals, enhanced mental stability, and handle life challenges. Both parties track achievements as they work their way to each client’s individual goals. 

One area the therapist can help people tackle is modern-day anxiety. Today’s anxiety can be caused by technology. For example, social media plays a big part in self-esteem. Photographs are altered easily with laptops and cell phone apps. It is not possible to keep up with something that is not real. Social media often makes it appear that everyone else is having the time of their lives all of the time. We see photos of them having fun, which could cause feelings of inadequacy. 

Not surprisingly, text messages can cause anxiety. It is hard to determine the feelings behind the short messages. Is someone mad? Are they being funny? If a text message goes unanswered, it can often lead to thinking the worst. It is hard to decode another person’s feeling through a text message or emoji. 

Probably one of biggest anxiety creators is the cell phone. We are always on and available. We can answer emails, text messages, and comment on posts. We may feel that if we do not respond immediately it will cost us friends, money, or a job. 

Not all of these things have to cause us constant worry and anxiety. With a little help, a person can set a goal to try to understand the environment around them better. Someone can learn how to better control their thinking patterns with guidance. 

Some Talkspace reviews have commented on how the 10-minute initial video meeting with their therapist helped create a bond. The client has access to that recording and can hear that person’s voice and message anytime. Some further Talkspace reviews shared how writing a text message was therapy. Writing is a form of therapy in itself. 

Talkspace holds many advantages over the traditional therapist office visit. There is no need to commute or take time off work. You can communicate and reach out when you need to and as frequently as needed too.

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