7 Reasons Why Uganda Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

7 Reasons That Uganda Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

7 Reasons Why Uganda Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

The actor, author, former QI quizmaster, and all-around Oscar Wilde-esque wit, Stephen Fry, once stated in a debate that Uganda was one of the countries on Earth that he loved the most. Fry did a series on the country, traveling around and getting to know the country like few in the West have the opportunity to do or, indeed, permit themselves the chance to do so.

Africa has, needless to say, long massive stigmatization, inequality, and underrepresentation, to put it mildly. Centuries of colonization wrought some of the worst nightmares in human history, while the decades following decolonization have often been a roller coaster at best and chaotic at worst. However, the tide is beginning to turn in that regard. Africa is massive, and several of these huge, incredible countries feature some of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Uganda is one of the quintessential examples of this coming boom. They have one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Investments from China have already helped fuel the growing mining and petroleum industries there, while tourism continues to boom and provide a cultural angle to Uganda’s upward trajectory.

There’s never been a better time to visit Uganda, and here are just seven reasons that you should.

Discover New Cultures

One of the most rewarding parts of taking any vacation is the ability to discover something new. While there’s something to be said for visiting the same old, comfortable getaway again and again, for those seeking adventure and excitement in their holidays, travel is a great way to experience new cultures. This is yet another reason that Africa has, historically, been marginalized in world culture; it has often been portrayed as “Other” to Western society. In an era where globalization is bringing the world closer together, however, this need not be the case. On the one hand, Uganda isn’t alien to the wider world; from football to literature to smartphones and so on, they’re as connected to the modern zeitgeist as all of us. On the other hand, Uganda has a beautiful culture all its own, with a rich history that stretches back thousands of years.

Discover Amazing Wildlife

No trip to Uganda is complete without going on a bona fide safari. When you embark upon a Uganda safari, you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the most incredible animals on Earth. Some of the highlights of taking a safari in Uganda can including the chance to see:

  • White Rhinos
  • Black Rhinos
  • Lions
  • Leopards
  • Cheetahs
  • Hippos
  • Zebra
  • Wildebeest
  • Elephants

Of special note are gorillas and chimpanzees. Uganda is one of the most well-renowned sites for spotting both of these great apes, making it a must-visit country for those interested in them.

Discover an incredible new place that’s just starting to rediscover itself with a wonderful trip to Uganda!

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Incredible Waterfalls

The same holds true for its waterfalls, as well. Uganda is home to some of the most impressive waterfalls in all of Africa. Owen Falls, Ripon Falls, Murchison Falls, and so many others are among the stunning sites in the country.

Hiking Expeditions

If you’re someone that likes to take a hike, Uganda might well be the perfect African getaway for you. Not only does it feature an incredible lush green landscape, but it likewise boasts some of the most impressive mountains of any African country. The Rwenzori Mountains, Mount Elgon, Mount Stanley, Mount Muhabura, and so many others pose an enticing challenge to would-be hikers everywhere.

Cheap Holidays

From a purely economic standpoint, it’s hard to find a better bargain vacation than a trip to Uganda. You won’t spend much on this travel. The exchange rate for Western travelers is extremely favorable, the Ugandan Shilling (as of August 2018) is worth 0.00027 of the US dollar, 0.00023 of the Euro, and 0.00021 of the pound.

Lush Green Landscape

One of the biggest draws for anyone looking to tour any African country is the amazing natural landscape with which so many of them are graced. The continent of Africa is massive, and as such, the differences between different regions’ landscapes are likewise massive. As such, even if you’ve already visited more well-worn African tourist destinations like Algeria, Egypt, and South Africa, Uganda is sure to be something different and altogether stunning, with some of the most verdant landscapes of any African nation.

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