Ways Travel Boosts Your Self Esteem

Ways Travel Boosts Your Self Esteem

Few things have been as romanticized throughout the ages as travel. Travel tales have loomed large in world literature, from Homer’s Odyssey to the Thousand and One Arabian Nights, the “brave new world” of Prospero’s island in Shakespeare’s The Tempest to modern adventure novels, films, TV shows, and beyond. At its best, travel can be adventurous, alluring, exciting and, yes, a real boost to your self esteem.

Of course, how and to what end you feel that boost of self confidence depends greatly on your destination and intentions once there. Here, then, are just a few ways traveling can help boost your self esteem and fill you with fresh confidence.

Travel for Travel’s Sake

The great Oscar Wilde famously called for “Art for art’s sake” – so why should it be any different with travel? Wilde believed in the aesthetic beauty of art to allow the individual to fully realize and express their individuality. Travel can do the same. Booking trips that are not for business reasons or with a preset agenda, but simply that idea of seeing and experiencing some “brave new world” for the first time can do wonders for your psyche, as well as self esteem. Choose somewhere you’ve never been before, book your flight, and have an adventure of self discovery!

Travel for Business

At the same time, few things inspire confidence and grow self esteem quite like the satisfaction of a job well done. What’s more, human beings are social animals, and are, thus, always looking for new ways of achieving social status. Being able to answer “business” when asked if you’re arriving for “business or pleasure” can give you the feeling of being someone with a purpose. What’s more, traveling for business can help you stay productive while on the go, which can help boost your self esteem all the more.

Travel for Style

An increasingly-popular purpose for traveling in our evermore interconnected world is to travel for style and fashion purposes. After all, few places can rival the fashion-shaping power of Paris, Milan, New York, or London – and while you can simply order items online from these places, sometimes it’s more fun to go in person. What’s more, traveling for these purposes allows you to find new, appearance-invigorating options you might never have considered. For example, London and several countries in the Anatolian peninsula can offer great FUE hair transplants. Finding out the FUE hair transplant cost of a given center and booking a flight can give you a holiday and a full head of hair all at once.

Boost your self esteem with a bold adventure to a “brave new world” of your choosing today!

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