World’s Top Countries for Finding Romance

top countries to find a love

World’s Top Countries for Finding Romance

Valentine’s Day is in 2 weeks! Maybe you’re a single world traveler looking for love.

Maybe you’re an online dating fan taking advantage of the global reach of free dating sites.

Either way, the world’s top countries for finding love make international relations that much sweeter!

From Petrarch with Love

Ever since Petrarch put pen to paper to write about his beloved Laura, the little Boot’s had a big influence on Western culture’s views of love. After all, the very word “Romance” is directly tied to “Roma.” From the poetry of Petrarch to the films of Fellini, the canals of Venice to the Roman Coliseum, Milan’s trendsetting fashion scene to the Naples’ enduring place in art history, Italy is full of romantic sites to behold.

All of this creates a backdrop for a country which embraces romantic feelings and Romance culture as part of its cultural fabric – making it a prime locale for finding love.

The French Connection

It’s a cliché to list France on any list of countries for finding romance – but c’est la vie, n’est-ce pas? French life and culture continue to shape how we view intimacy, romance, and love today. That said, you never want to enter into a relationship on the basis of stereotypes, and you certainly don’t want to go around thinking French romantic ideals today are straight out of Belle de Jour.

Remember, you’re looking to date a person, not a stereotype. That being said, some stereotypes do certainly hold water – the arts and fine cuisine are huge cultural forces in a land boasting Bordeaux wines and the Paris Louvre, so if you’re looking for conversation starters, bon chance.

Love Britannia

Shakespeare, Austen, and the Bronte Sisters. Harry Potter, Period Dramas, and Doctor Who.

The world’s love affair with British culture is well established. That’s lead to increased activity on dating websites UK from non-UK individuals who’ve fallen in love with a cultural ideal. As with France, however, it’s vital to note that while all of those aforementioned cultural forces are potent, it’s not as though every UK citizen is a Time Lord Hogwarts student spouting Shakespeare whilst sipping tea.

OK, the tea part may be accurate, but the point still stands. Treating British people as stereotypes is as likely to garner you love as standing in the middle of a tube station escalator – just don’t.

You’ll also want to keep the vast regional differences in mind. London’s a very different place from the Midlands, and England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are all incredibly distinct – conflate them at your own peril.

Can’t Stop That K-Pop

K-Pop and Korean soap operas may be what most of us know most about South Korea, but there’s a lot more to the soul of Seoul. South Korea has a hearty mixture of pop culture and classical ideals that go back thousands of years. One of the great things about looking for love in South Korea is that the country itself represents a beautiful multicultural mix, and that includes romantic sentimentality.

Take the time to look beyond the stereotypes and discover these hotspots for romance for the culturally-complex places they truly are, and you might well just find love along the way!

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